Activities to do at home during Self-Isolation

Activities To Do At Home During Self-IsolationActivities to do at home

Coronavirus has impacted on all our lives, young and old. Knowing what activities to do at home during self-isolation each day will give you a sense of order. With schools shut and people being asked by the Government to stay at home, we are all experiencing unprecedented changes to our lives. Humans are naturally social creatures, but many people now find themselves alone, in self-isolation and claustrophobic. How can we look after our mental wellbeing and get through this tough period in our history?

Creating new routines to our day is certainly a good starting point. Routines don’t have to be regimented, but still having a sense of ‘feeling in control’ of the situation will certainly be beneficial. So, because we care, we’d like to share with you a list of our ideas, things we are doing to help us get through this difficult time and we hope you find them useful:

1. Plan each day for everyone in the household

Give each person 3 or 4 tasks to complete, including household jobs, schoolwork, exercise etc, because when you cross things off a list you get a sense of achievement.

2. Communicate

Talk to each other (you are all going to be feeling anxious during this time, young and old alike). Chat to your friends and family regularly on the phone or using social media too, remember, you don’t have to feel alone.

3. Spring clean

It’s the right time of year for it and open the windows, get some fresh air through the house.

4. Gardening

Activities to do at home during self-isolation can, of course, include the garden. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, get out there and spruce it up. Gardening is a great way to keep fit and you might be spending more time looking at it over the coming months. If you don’t have a garden, why not get some fresh potted herbs on your next trip out to the supermarket?  Placing plants on your windowsills can help to give you a sense of wellbeing and as a result, you’ll feel better.

5. Cookery

What a great feeling of satisfaction you get when sitting down to a meal you have created from scratch yourself. Dig out that old cookbook at the back of the cupboard for instance. Alternatively, there’s a multitude of simple recipes online and what a life skill to teach to children too! Freshly prepared meals are generally healthier for you and often a lot more economical, as a result you’ll save money, so get cooking!

6. Read

How many of us only have time to pick up a good book when we are on holiday? Now, however,  we are home let’s take advantage and read more. Maybe you are helping your children with schoolwork, we have a selection of history books and memorabilia packs in our shop that would make great teaching aids.

7. Gaming

Playing online games with friends is a great way to still feel connected. You could set up a family league table for playing computer games or indeed traditional board games for the duration of this self-isolation period and why not offer a prize for the ultimate champion at the end of it!

8. Watch TV100 Movies Bucket List - scratch off poster

Steer clear of the news though,  watching that constantly is too depressing! Binge watch box sets or settle down to watch a good film. We have a fantastic 100 Movies Bucket List scratch off poster, imagine the hours you could pass working your way through that!

9. Exercise

If you can go out, go for a walk run or cycle (but remember the social distance rule). To make it fun for children why not create a scavenger hunt, things they must see and cross off a list whilst out will make it into a good game. If you are stuck indoors there are some great online exercise programmes, like Joe Wicks’ P.E. sessions on YouTube. Exercising helps to enhance your mood and reduce stress levels, something we all need now!

10. Have Fun!

There are so many activities to do at home during self-isolation. Try developing new skills, like learning a new language, drawing or writing. Keeping a diary is a great start, it helps to express your thouVintage Marmite - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzleghts and emotions privately, again beneficial to your mental wellbeing. Why not try a jigsaw, we have a lovely selection of Retro Jigsaw Puzzles here at Sweet and Nostalgic. Tackle jigsaws as a solo challenge or together as a family. Have a themed day at the house; a pyjama day, a pamper day or a pirate and princess day for the children. Above all, laugh, it really is the best medicine, to combat stress and anxiety and to keep families united during this difficult time.

We hope you find something in our list above to help you through these unimaginable times. From the Sweet and Nostalgic team, we wish you all well, keep safe and look after each other. X




Gibsons Jigsaws – Jigsaw Puzzles through the Decades

Jigsaw Puzzles through the Decades – Gibsons Jigsaws

Gibson Jigsaws at Sweet and Nostalgic

Jigsaw puzzles, a source of entertainment, education, frustration, joy and definitely of achievement (once they are completed, of course!). Many of us are first introduced to jigsaw puzzles when we are little. Who remembers the thick wooden shapes that, as infants, we carefully slotted into the right place, much to our parents’ delight? For some of us, the lure of completing that seemingly impossible task never leaves; jigsaw puzzles for adults remains a popular pastime, despite this age of technology!

We can thank a London Cartographer, John Spilsbury, for creating jigsaw puzzles for commercial markets. In the 1760s he mounted maps onto hardwood, then cut them along the boundary lines, creating a puzzle useful for teaching geography. These puzzles were known as ‘Dissections’. The name ‘Jigsaw’ became associated with the puzzle around 1800, when fretsaws became the tool of choice for cutting the shapes, the name appears to be a misnomer therefore, as fretsaws are distinct from jigsaws! In the late 1800s the first cardboard jigsaw puzzles appeared, though these were slow to replace wooden puzzles as manufacturers feared they would be perceived to be of inferior quality and the profit margins on wooden jigsaws were larger too!

Jigsaw puzzles through the decades remained a source of amusement, but it was during the Great Depression when the popularity of jigsaw puzzles escalated. They provided a cheap, long-lasting, recyclable form of entertainment. The complexity of the Jigsaw puzzles flourished too, making them more appealing to adults. Companies saw value in jigsaw puzzles as marketing tools. Often they were Gibson Jigsaw Wall Ice Creamgiven away in product promotions and in advertising, with customers completing the image of the product being promoted, similar to our new Walls’ Vintage Ice-cream Jigsaw puzzle made by Gibsons.

Gibsons first launched their jigsaw puzzle range in 1986, though the company had been selling indoor games since 1919! Gibsons Jigsaws quickly became very popular on the market. Their blue boxed puzzles, we are all familiar with today, arrived in 2002, redefining the Gibson brand. By this time, they had over 250 titles in their Gibsons Jigsaw collection.

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we sell a small range of Gibsons Jigsaws depicting nostalgic sweet memories, brands and of course Jigsaws through the decades. The puzzles have between 500 and 1000 pieces. Whilst you may think a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is a challenge, spare a thought for the World record holders, The University of Economics, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They are the Guinness World Record holders for putting together a jigsaw puzzle, depicting a lotus flower, with the most pieces. The puzzle consisted of 551,232 pieces, was just over 48ft x 76ft and was put together by 1600 students on 24th Sept 2011! Suddenly a 1000piece Jigsaw puzzle doesn’t seem so daunting, does it?!

Origins of Valentine’s Day

origins of Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, a time for people to express their feelings of love, affection and friendship. Many mark this amorous day by exchanging cards and Valentine’s Day Gifts or making romantic dinner plans, but, what are the true origins of Valentine’s Day? What is the history behind one of the most charming dates in our calendar?

The truth is, no one really knows! The history is a bit murky and actually a little gruesome in some accounts. Its backstory is a heady mix of strange traditions, pagan rituals and grisly executions.

Popular belief is that Valentine’s Day, or the Feast Of Saint Valentine, was established by Pope Gelasius I in AD496, to be celebrated on 14th February in honour of the Christian Martyr, Saint Valentine of Rome. Saint Valentine was a clergyman in the Roman Empire who ministered to persecuted Christians and was executed by Emperor Claudius II. It is reported he was buried on February 14th AD269. However, there are numerous martyrdom stories associated with this date in history, so it could be related to one of these instead. Others believe the origins of Valentine’s Day stem from an older Roman festival called Lupercalia. Lupercalia also took place at this time of year, the middle of February, to mark the official start of Spring in the Roman calendar. This debauched event included a Pagan fertility right, in which young men drew the names of women from a jar. The pair would then ‘couple’ for the duration of the festival, or for longer, if the match was right.

It was Geoffrey Chaucer, in the 14th Century, who first introduced the tradition of courtly love on this date. Later, in the 18th Century, the Feast of Saint Valentine grew into more of an occasion, when couples expressed their love for one another by sending ‘valentines’ and exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts like flowers or confectionary. Certain symbols like cupid, hearts and doves also became synonymous with Valentine’s Day and these have remained popular right up to the present day.

So, whether you are treating your loved one to a special Valentine’s Day gift from Sweet and Nostalgic , exchanging cards filled with endearing expressions of love or indulging in a fine meal for two this year, remember the origins of Valentine’s Day and how things are not always what they seem to be!

Vintage Pub Signs

Vintage Pub Signs

Vintage Pub Signs at Sweet and Nostalgic

Cocktails have always been popular even before the dawn of Tom Cruise’s iconic film Cocktail. With the rise of gin culture there’s never been a better time to learn how to make a perfect cocktail to impress your friends and family. Better still, home bars are making a comeback and people are now converting their unused garages into their own special home bar complete with vintage bar signs. How much nicer is a personal bar in your garage man cave than the usual garden tools and cans of anti-freeze! So why not consider making your garage a home from home and decorating it with a few retro bar signs. Check out out blog post featuring our take on Vintage Pub Signs.

Irish Bar SignWhether you run a bar or have hopes of turning a room in your home into a bar, or just want to decorate your kitchen, there are so many different pub wall signs to choose from that will give your bar a cosy vintage atmosphere. You really can create your very own Irish bar theme by using 3D Irish metal pub signs advertising McConnell’s Whisky and Murphy’s Irish stout. If it’s a traditional English pub theme you’re after, you can’t go wrong with an Old Crown Fine Ale retro pub sign or a Red lion or Pickled Newt retro bar sign.

If you’re after a more sophisticated feel to your bar, and want to create an elegant cocktail lounge why not try adding a few Cocktail Wall signs to add some fun and colour to your kitchen corner. Adding a few metal wall signs to your kitchen or garage pub space is a really great way to bring a fun cocktail theme in. Cocktail signs are also a great reminder to your guests to challenge you to make the perfect cocktail of their choice.

Adding some vintage Absinthe wall signs to your kitchen diner can add a certain olde worlde charm and also remind you to have as much fun with your cocktails as you do with your décor. You can even choose a cocktail recipe metal wall sign in a variety of sizes which can be your go to cocktail maker reminder when you’ve got guests. It’s amazing what you can do with a spritz of Prosecco, a dash of vermouth and a healthy splash of rum and tequila. Fancy a Mai Tai or a Cosmopolitan? Make sure you stock up on some essential bases like Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Curacao and Cointreau and then you can turn your attention to learning some cocktail recipes.

If you want to be a cocktail aficionado, get cracking on those cocktail recipes and hone your cocktail making skills in time for this year’s party season get yourself over to Sweet and Nostalgic and bag yourself some great vintage pub kitchenalia. You’ll be sure to make the New Year come and go with a sparkling bang!

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a wide selection of Vintage Pub Signs. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Retro Gift Hampers

Retro Gift Hampers

Retro Gift Hampers and Retro Sweet Hampers

Struggling to think of the perfect gift for Christmas? Well who doesn’t love sweets, and who doesn’t love the sweets of their childhood? There’s something really special about a Refresher chew. We see its bright blue and yellow wrapper and we’re instantly back in that school tuckshop with screaming kids at breaktime and that’s before you pop it in your mouth. Ok so, dentists hate them because they’re a likely candidate for pulling fillings out, but hey, we still love their sherbet fruit salad flavour because there’s just nothing like them. So what’s the harm every once in a while, and especially at Christmas?

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic, we’re big fans of all retro sweets. You see if truth be told, we’re actually just big sweet softies Christmas Sweets Hamper - Christmas Giftsand love the nostalgia that sweets bring. They appeal to the senses, the sight, the sound, the taste and the smell bring us right back to those happiest days when we were at school. They’re the stuff of summer holidays when we cycled to our mates houses via the shop for a ten pence mixup with all our favourite sweetie Shrimps, Fried Eggs, white Chocolate Mice, Parma Violets and Cherry Lips, or just a good old fashioned quarter of clove balls.

What’s really lovely about our retro sweet hampers is that we do one for every decade, so no matter how old or young your giftee is, you’re bound to find an amazing hamper packed full of nostalgic gifts like a CD of the music of the time. So, if you’re choosing a gift for someone who remembers the 1940’s, you’ll be able to pick an iconic mug of one of the great icons they admired be it Audrey Hepburn or Elvis Presley. Add to that a very special Time of your Life DVD which includes amazing original footage from the annals of Britain’s most respected news organisations showing key events from your favourite chosen year. It’ll take you on a trip down memory lane and give you a glimpse of times gone by with iconic events, people and stories which had a huge impact on our world.

The best thing about our retro gift hampers is the chance to personalise them and add your own choice of metal sign, DVD, Retro Gift HamperCD, Mug, Cards, Sweets and Retro Newspaper or magazine. It’s such a lovely idea for someone you want to give the gift of nostalgia to. Go back in time with a retro hamper and enjoy the sights, sounds smells, and tastes of pure decadent retro nostalgia. You’ll love indulging yourself or someone you love with a personalised hamper. Retro gift hampers and nostalgia gifts are such an unusual and thoughtful gift that will bring delight to anyone you give them to, that’s if you can bear to part with them yourself!

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a wide selection of Retro Gift Hampers. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins

Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins

Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins

They say home is where the heart is, but the heart of our home is our kitchen. It’s the hub where we all congregate and the first place we go when we arrive home and want a comforting cup of tea. Tea bags are a great convenience but good old fashioned tea like our grans used to make stored in a beautiful vintage tea caddy is a special kind of tea. Rumour hasVintage Kitchen Tea Caddy it that tea bags are increasingly being shunned in this age of environmental and health awareness. After all, who wants to pre-package something which, in its natural state is already perfect. There’s also the risk of chemical contamination from bleach white tea bags. Why should we gild the lily, natural is good and tea in a beautiful metal tea caddy is vintage good. Moreover, just opening an air tight tea caddy is to anticipate a really lovely strong cup of high quality tea which tea bags just don’t provide. Read further into our Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins Blog..

And hey, who says you have to store tea in a tea caddy? You can store all sorts of things in kitchen storage tins from pasta to lentils, from biscuits to buns. Storage tins are so much more environmentally friendly than plastic Vintage Kelloggs Corn Flakes Storage Tinand oh so much prettier too. They scream pure quality, longevity and history. Metal kitchen storage tins are just so beautiful and speak of a bygone era which we all love to conjure up in our kitchen. Lots of people love to create the illusion of tradition in their kitchen and love to see the vintage style which old fashioned metal storage tins can bring. They can represent an era and as advertisements they are a work of art in themselves. Whether it’s gorgeous Chinese style art works illuminated in gold and red on black metal tins or the iconic cornflakes or coca cola logo storage tins. They’re great for storing all manner of bits and bobs from photographs to sewing kits. You can even turn one into a handy kitchen first aid kit or mini medicine cabinet with all your emergency medication and they’ll keep everything tidy and from getting squashed.

Kitchenalia is a really fun collection to build up and can really change the look and feel of your kitchen. If you want a high end elegance, why not choose Audrey Hepburn storage tins to store your bits and bobs in. Everyone loves to have thingsAudrey Hepburn Kitchen Storage Tin organised and tidy in these days of zen storage and Marie Kondo tidying. Storage tins can even store all your dangerous washing up pods for your washing machine and keep them out of reach of your little ones whether they’ve got two legs or four. Stacking tins under your kitchen sink filled with dishwasher tabs will keep them dry and ready for the dishwasher. If you need to store some important paperwork safely, there’s no better way to do than a metal storage tin, it’s certainly more fire resistant and beautiful and moreover the environment will thank you too for ditching the plastic. So what are you waiting for, get your metal storage tins today and reorganise your kitchen in time for Christmas!

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a wide selection of Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Retro Gifts for Christmas

Retro Gifts for Christmas

Retro Gifts for Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas? It means different things to different people, but to most of us, it’s memories of a special family time and how we can recapture that magic every year for our own family and friends. What makes Christmas so special is the traditions that we keep alive every year. Whether it’s when you put your Christmas tree up or how you add a new decoration to the tree each year. Maybe it’s when or if you bake a Christmas cake and how you make it just like your mother did. All the memories, the twinkling Christmas lights in our towns and cities and beautiful Christmas displays with Santa Claus and the Christmas Movie and TV Card Gamenativity. Christmas markets with the sweet smell of donuts and hot and spicey glühwein to warm us in the frosty winter nights. The spiced and iced German biscuits and bratwurst with mustard. There’s just nothing like traditional Christmas food to give us a sense of nostalgia and get us in the mood for Christmas.

Nowhere is Christmas more important than at home where we light roaring fires and Christmas Past Memorabilia Packpin up beautiful Christmas stockings and make sure our chimney is cleaned in time for Santa and his little elves. Cosy schnuzzly American Christmas movies abound and remind us of the perfect family Christmas. After a hard day’s Christmas Shopping all we want to do is settle down to watch it’s a wonderful life with Jimmy Stewart and a glass of hot port and cuddle up with our favourite tv blanket and family pets.

Christmas time like no other spells retro Christmas gifts which make us hark back to a bygone era. It’s one of those times of the year that it is de rigeur to search the shops for something vintage, like our uncle’s favourite boiled sweets, or our husband’s old tuckshop treats. It’s not the gift or how much it costs that matters as much as the thought we put into getting just the right vintage Christmas gift. It’s Retro Gifts for Christmas - Christmas Sweet Hamperdefinitely out with the new and in with the old at Christmas so that we can remind ourselves of more innocent times. So why not make life easier this Christmas and put your feet up in front of that roaring fire and order a vintage Christmas Sweet hamper packed full of goodies like shrimps, jellies and white mice and refresher chews, all packaged in a beautiful hamper and sent to your door just in time to give someone some festive cheer.

So why not prime Alexa to play your favourite Christmas tunes as you decorate your Christmas tree this year, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to venture out in the wet and cold to search for our unique and nostalgic retro gifts for Christmas for your favourite person, but can instead just take your time to browse through all our retro stocking fillers this Christmas. Go on, make it a vintage Christmas this year and get a Christmas hamper with lots of nostalgic sweets like popping candy and memorabilia like love hearts and cola reindeer. Make someone’s Christmas special this year with a sweet gift of nostalgia.

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a wide selection of retro gifts for Christmas. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Vintage Railway Art for the Home

Vintage Railway Art for the Home

Railway Art for the Home

There’s nothing that says retro like railwayana. So just what it is about railways and steam trains that speaks to our vintage souls? Is it that we all wish secretly that we were born near the railway and starred in our very own railway children movie? Is it the possibility and adventure of exotic travel or the art deco black and white film noir romance of brief encounters that zips us back into the early 19th’century when life had a slower pace? Read further into our fascinating blog where we also feature some vintage railway art for the home..

The National Railway Museum Archives tell their own story of railways that opened up Britain and connected our towns and villages in ways we never believed possible. In the years after the war our grandparents and parents congregated at local St Ives Railway Signstations to take summer seaside trips to local seaside resorts like Scarborough, Brighton, Great Yarmouth and St Ives. Sadly, the Beeching review took away many lines and many are just fond memories of sea sand and ice cream.

In the U.S. railways laid the tracks of cities and towns and governed where people could travel pre the motor vehicle. Before that, we were reliant on stagecoach and our four-legged friend the horse and trap to take us where we needed to be. No longer did we have to rely on other people to take us somewhere, we had the possibility of making our own choices and travelling on our own timetable, or at least that of the train station.

Train stations were temples of possibility where we could enter and travel to a whole new world. Railway stations were places of meeting and farewells. We greeted our long-Beware of Trains Railway Signawaited loved ones and waved them off to work or war. Railways weren’t just a way of getting to and from our destinations, they moulded our destiny and presented a plethora of life choices we could make. Railways allowed us to master that destiny. Rail art represents the era of steam, trains and the stuff of memories of days gone by. Perhaps that’s another reason why Harry Potter has been such a run away success given that it connects thoughts of steam trains and magic.

A trip on the Orient Express still has that aura of mystique which evokes tales of Agatha Christie, glamour and luxury of 1920’s travel and the mystery and anticipation of visiting the farthest corners of the world such as Berlin, Budapest and now even China. Railway signs and metal wall art are a really simple way to harness the The Flying Scotsman Wall Signbygone era of steam and railway engineering. You can use metal wall signs and rail art in your kitchen garage, lounge or library. In fact, anywhere you want to bring back an Olde Worlde atmosphere to your home. Once you start a railway theme, you’ll want to keep building on it with station clocks and timetables. Who knows, you might even get to see the ultimate in steam travel, -the Flying Scotsman himself, now wouldn’t that be the ultimate treat for a railway enthusiast?

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a wide selection of railway art signs for the home. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Vintage Wall Art for the Garage

Vintage Wall Art for the Garage

A garage can be as much a cathedral to the car and motorbike as it is a storage facility for gardenalia. Whether you store a Harley Davidson or simply have some metal wall art to pay homage to it’s classic lines, the garage is a natural home forHarley Davidson Bike Wall Sign. Wall Art for the Garage retro. Garages also lend themselves perfectly to Metal Wall Signs which bring a certain character to an otherwise cold corner. Regardless of whether you spend a lot of time there, or just love to extend your vintage into the garage space to create a vintage atmosphere, garages can be a great place to display art. Read further into our Blog featuring Wall Art for the Garage.

No longer just a space for just storing stuff, garages have become an extension of our homes. Often they adjoin our utility rooms and house everything from cars, bikes, trikes and ride on lawnmowers right through to full blown Man Cave bar and pool rooms. If your home has spilled into your garage, why not take back control and turn it into your cave by adding some metal wall art that will give your garage the ultimate vintage vava voom to match that of your vehicles. Garages can be cold and unwelcoming, but Round Vintage Gas Sign. Wall Art for the Garageif you’re willing to put a little extra thought into curating your own garage art and adorning your garage walls, you can turn it into a welcoming cosy corner of which you can be proud.

Adding some vintage signage and metal wall art that will bring back a 60’s vibe can add a bit of fun to your garage. Vintage Gas Signs and metal Harley Davidson signs can really evoke that bygone era and give your American Diner Wall Sign. Wall Art for the Garagegarage that vintage cool. Add to that some Sarsaparilla, a few American diner and Coca Cola signs and you’ll step back to the future in a few short footsteps. Whilst you might not have the De Lorean sitting in the garage, you can certainly dot round some Americana to make you feel like you’ve hopped across to Route 66.

Whether you’re a hairy biker or a dyed in the wool car driver, or dream of owning a Vespa but have missed that era, you can still make your dreams come true and get the feel for a different era. Vespa Scooter Garage Sign. Wall Art for the GarageJust add some Vintage Vespa signs and you will create your own time capsule back to the golden era of transport. Your garage need no longer be the home of the dusty and discarded, it can be a cathedral to kitsch and cool. So what are you waiting for, get your metal signs and remember the halcyon days of your first Ford Escort Mark I and regain your position as the King or Queen of cool.

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a great range of Wall Art for the Garage. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.

Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroom

Wall Art for the Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Art

Picture the scene, it’s been a freezing cold day, you’ve waited at bus stops got splashed by passing traffic and then done it all over again on the way home from work. You just want to walk through your front door, and run up and have a lovely hot shower. For many of us, our bathrooms are our sanctuary. They’re more than places where we get clean, they’re cosy warm places of refuge where the steam of the shower and the bubbles of the bath can ease our aches and pains. Continue reading our Blog on Wall Art for the Bathroom.

Pears Soap Sign. Vintage Wall Art for the BathroomOur bathrooms are a place where we can pamper and polish ourselves in the privacy of our own inner sanctum. We want a bathroom to be more than just functional, so it’s hardly surprising that we want to find items for our bathroom that help us feel cosy and nurtured. One easy way to make your bathroom cosy and appealing is to use art. Metal wall art in the form of Pears Soap signs are a popular choice for bathrooms because the Pears soap brand was the very first soap ever produced commercially. It’s an iconic brand that reminds us of our childhood and that nostalgia takes us right back to the safety and comfort of our family home.

Vintage signage is an easy and effective way of bringing a bit of cosy into our sometimes cold Vintage Bathroom Sign. Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroombathrooms. We can adorn our bathrooms with pretty seaside themed art and seashells to make us dream of long sunny summer days. Adding metal wall signs with themes of soap and glory help counteract all our plastic bottles and bring us back to more innocent times. Let’s face it, a good old bar of soap is maybe the most eco-friendly way to stay clean! So why not bring back old fashioned and find a way to feel like a mermaid and luxuriate in some Mermaid Bath Salts to boot.

Whatever our bathroom décor preferences, whether olde worlde or art nouveau, candles and fluffy towels, or metal wall art, retro is definitely making a comeback in bathroom design. There’s an increasing trend towards vintage shabby chic and a move away fromHudsons King and Queen Soap. Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroom brand spanking new. We want things with character which bring us to a different world of times gone by, where age evokes style and vintage looks higher end. Hudson Soap and Titanic White Star Liner metal signs hark back to simpler times pre-internet, pre-mobile phones, where the bathtub was something to linger and luxuriate in languidly. Where Brylcreem and short back and sides ruled the waves and the Queen Mary represented the height of 1930’s art deco glamour and adventure. So why not make your bath-time a vintage adventure and style it in times gone by and add some fluffy towels, smoking jackets and art deco candlesticks for a cosy luxurious feel. But be careful, with simple touches of vintage signage, you’ll create a bathroom you’ll never want to leave.

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a great range of Wall Art for the Bathroom. Come and have a look at what life was like in 20th Century Britain, our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for this wonderful time. Our range covers the whole of the 20th Century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.