What was life like in 1960’s Britain ?

What was life like in 1960’s Britain ?

The Beatles Help Album
The 1960’s was a decade of great social change. Music set the pace and songs from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kinks and Dusty Springfield led the youth culture. Find out more on what life was like in 1960’s Britain below :

Challenges to authority were made by programmes on the television such as ‘That was the week that was’ with David Frost and Lance Percival. Rock musicals such as ‘Hair’ and ‘Oh Calcutta’ with it’s nude scenes were pushing the limits.

By the end of the decade most families had televisions and live Trans-Atlantic broadcasts were made possible by the Telstar satellite. Science Fiction puppets in Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds thrilled youngsters and Doctor Who and the Daleks was ‘real’ enough to scare many young viewers. BBC2 was launched in 1964 and in 1967 was the first channel to have colour.

Fashion was influenced by Jean Shrimpton and Mary Quant, mini skirts was very popular as well as florescent and bright geometrical patterns.

By the end of the decade ‘Flower Power’ manifested itself in everything from pyschedelic fabrics to peaceful rebellion and even hallucinogenic drugs.

The 1960’s had memorable headlines such as the death in 1965 of Winston Churchill, the Great Train Robbery of 1963 shocked the nation. The assassination of President Kennedy rocked the World.

The 1969 Moon Landing

There were a string of achievements in the space race with Russia sending the first man into space and then three weeks later the USA’s Alan Shepard went up. John Glen and Scott Carpenter orbited the Earth in 1962. The first space walks were made in 1965 and after more missions the greatest achievement of the decade was the Moon Walk by the Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

Supermarket shelves were filled with branded goods, frozen and chilled items such as desserts and yoghurts. Most homes by this decade had refrigerators to store their shopping for longer. So the weekly shop came into being !

The 1960’s was the time of the ‘MOD’s’ and ‘Rockers’ who were two social groups of opposing cultures.

The Mod’s were style-concious and wore light suits and polo neck shirts and rode Italian Scooters such as the Lambretta and Mods in the 1960'sVespa. The Rockers wore leather jackets and rode high octane motorbike os the day. Seaside town became the battle-fields with stand offs between the opposing groups.

Employment was high and most people had a reasonable income so consumerism increased. Holidays abroad became popular and many mor people owned their own cars. The Austin and Morris Mini cars endorsed by Peter Sellers, Lord Snowden and Twiggy. Paddy Hopkirk won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964 in a Mini Cooper and sales accelerated.

Televison entertained the children with puppet shows such as Camberwick Green, Trumpton and Magic Roundabout. Older children found Doctor Who compulsive viewing. Comics were very popular with The Hornet, Jena and Twinkle just a few of many.

Barbie was a teenage doll that had endless clothes and accessories. Action Man came to the UK in 1966 and for many years was the most popular toy for boys. Space Hoppers were new outdoor plaything and brought great fun to children (and Adults !)

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