Wall Art for Kitchens

Vintage Wall Art for Kitchens

Vintage Wall Art for Kitchens

Our kitchens are the heart of our home. We cook in them, we socialise in them, we make that comforting cup of tea in them. It is said that cooking for people shows them that you love them, and often we use food to heal and comfort. In some cultures a marriage is sealed by cooking. It’s not just the way to a man’s heart, through his stomach, we’re all susceptible to a bit of food bribery! So, what better reminders of our comfort food than some vintage wall art for kitchens? 

The Power Of A Picture
Golden Shred Metal Wall Sign. Wall Art for Kitchens

There’s something eminently comforting about food and ingredients that have a long history and seeing pictures of them can have a profound effect. For example, Golden Shred Marmalade sparks memories, for many, of granny spreading it on to your toast with a generous spread of butter. It’s the taste of history and Saturday morning comfort. Likewise, we all remember the Bisto adverts. I’m sure, we can all relate to one of those Bisto kids in our family!  That nostalgic memory of waiting for a perfect Sunday lunch, that wouldn’t be Bisto Urchins. Wall Art for Kitchenscomplete without some good old-fashioned Bisto gravy. It’s that heart-warming flavour and taste that brings us right back to the cradle of our family, no matter how old we are.  Perhaps that’s why nostalgic images can have such a powerful impact on people’s emotions.






Psychology Today explains that nostalgia is sentimentality for the past, particularly for a period or place with positive associations. For most of us, our childhood represented a time of zero responsibility, safe in the bosom of our family. Our past is often looked on, by many, as a time when we were at our happiest. The smells, sights and sounds of our childhood can be such a comfort in a modern age. Nostalgia is more pronounced during times of uncertainty, transition or change, consequently, feeling nostalgic is a positive emotion. Having our homes adorned with the sights and sounds of our childhood therefore, can literally give us a feeling of warmth and joy. Nostalgia is about re-visiting an emotional state that lifts your spirits.


For many of us our most powerful memories are of food and flavour. Take Marmite, love itOxo Vintage Advert. Wall Art for Kitchens or hate it, it’s a brand that has stood the test of time. Likewise, OXO, Colman’s Mustard and Daddies Sauce, all uniquely British Marmite Wall Sign. Wall Art for Kitchensbrands, remind us of home. No matter where in the world we go, or where we live, they’re anchors. These brands are distinctive in flavour and stimulate emotions and memories to where we grew up, they are simply part of our identity! When we see the brands of our childhood, especially food brands, we can practically smell and taste them. These powerful smells and tastes can evoke very strong emotions.



Decorator’s Pieces

Vintage wall art for kitchens therefore have a dual purpose. Firstly, they can brighten your home, add style and can become a conversation piece. Secondly, they will have a positive effect on your mental well-being. In Cafes and restaurants, guests will feel liberated from the mundane distractions of everyday life. Vintage wall art will create a great ambience. So, fill your kitchen and dining rooms with artwork that stimulates meaningful memories and experiences.

Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a great range of wall art for kitchens and dining rooms. Come and have a look! Our products will give you a warm nostalgic flavour for 20th century Britain. Our range covers the whole of the 20th century, so there’s something for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.







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