Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroom

Wall Art for the Bathroom

Bathroom Wall Art

Picture the scene, it’s been a freezing cold day, you’ve waited at bus stops got splashed by passing traffic and then done it all over again on the way home from work. You just want to walk through your front door, and run up and have a lovely hot shower. For many of us, our bathrooms are our sanctuary. They’re more than places where we get clean, they’re cosy warm places of refuge where the steam of the shower and the bubbles of the bath can ease our aches and pains. Continue reading our Blog on Wall Art for the Bathroom.

Pears Soap Sign. Vintage Wall Art for the BathroomOur bathrooms are a place where we can pamper and polish ourselves in the privacy of our own inner sanctum. We want a bathroom to be more than just functional, so it’s hardly surprising that we want to find items for our bathroom that help us feel cosy and nurtured. One easy way to make your bathroom cosy and appealing is to use art. Metal wall art in the form of Pears Soap signs are a popular choice for bathrooms because the Pears soap brand was the very first soap ever produced commercially. It’s an iconic brand that reminds us of our childhood and that nostalgia takes us right back to the safety and comfort of our family home.

Vintage signage is an easy and effective way of bringing a bit of cosy into our sometimes cold Vintage Bathroom Sign. Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroombathrooms. We can adorn our bathrooms with pretty seaside themed art and seashells to make us dream of long sunny summer days. Adding metal wall signs with themes of soap and glory help counteract all our plastic bottles and bring us back to more innocent times. Let’s face it, a good old bar of soap is maybe the most eco-friendly way to stay clean! So why not bring back old fashioned and find a way to feel like a mermaid and luxuriate in some Mermaid Bath Salts to boot.

Whatever our bathroom décor preferences, whether olde worlde or art nouveau, candles and fluffy towels, or metal wall art, retro is definitely making a comeback in bathroom design. There’s an increasing trend towards vintage shabby chic and a move away fromHudsons King and Queen Soap. Vintage Wall Art for the Bathroom brand spanking new. We want things with character which bring us to a different world of times gone by, where age evokes style and vintage looks higher end. Hudson Soap and Titanic White Star Liner metal signs hark back to simpler times pre-internet, pre-mobile phones, where the bathtub was something to linger and luxuriate in languidly. Where Brylcreem and short back and sides ruled the waves and the Queen Mary represented the height of 1930’s art deco glamour and adventure. So why not make your bath-time a vintage adventure and style it in times gone by and add some fluffy towels, smoking jackets and art deco candlesticks for a cosy luxurious feel. But be careful, with simple touches of vintage signage, you’ll create a bathroom you’ll never want to leave.

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