Vintage Wall Art for the Garage

Vintage Wall Art for the Garage



A garage can be as much a cathedral to the car and motorbike, as it is a storage facility for gardenalia. Whether you store a Harley Davidson or simply have some art that pays homage to it’s classic lines, the garage is a natural home for retro. Garages lend themselves perfectly to Metal Wall Signs. They bring a certain character to an otherwise cold corner. So, read on to learn more about vintage wall art for the garage.

Harley Davidson Bike Wall Sign


Vespa Scooter Garage SignWhether you’re a hairy biker or dream of owning a Vespa you’ll want to celebrate your passion in the garage. Just add some vintage Vespa signs or the image of a classic Norton on the wall and you will create your own time capsule, back to the golden era of transport. Your garage need no longer be the home of the dusty and discarded, it can be a festival of kitsch and cool. Remember the halcyon days of your first Ford Escort Mark I, for example. Honour your passion for classic cars, by donning art work on the walls. Alongside the pictures of your favourite vehicles, hang nostalgic advertisement. Obvious choices would be motor oil, like Shell for example. Likewise, don’t forget manufacturer’s brands, like VW and Ford.

Round Vintage Gas Sign



Adding some vintage signage and metal wall art can create a 60’s vibe and can add a bit of fun in your garage. Vintage Gas Signs and metal Harley Davidson signs can really evoke that bygone era and give your garage a unique vintage cool atmosphere. Why not give it a go and make your garage a space to be proud of when the door is open?

Garden Store Room

If your garage is merely an extension of your garden shed, why not celebrate it with some great signage. Tidy your tools, sort your seeds and decorate your walls. Whether you’re a nature lover, a flower gardener or a keen vegetable grower, there’s a vintage sign for you!

Man Cave

No longer just a space for just storing stuff, garages have become an extension of our homes. Often they adjoin our utility rooms and house everything from cars, bikes, trikes and ride on lawnmowers. Many, however, have been transformed into full blown Man Caves, bars and pool rooms. If your home has spilled into your garage, why not take back control and turn it into your cave? Adding some metal wall art will give your garage the ultimate vintage va-va-voom to match that of your theme. Garages can be cold and unwelcoming, but if you’re willing to put a little extra thought into adorning your garage walls with unique art work, you can turn it into a welcoming cosy corner of which you can be proud.

American Diner Wall Sign


Choose your artwork accordingly, to reflect your theme. Tiki-bar, American Diner, a homage to Route 66 or retro bar. Add to that some Sarsaparilla, a few cocktail, beer and Coca Cola signs and you’ll step back to the future in a few short footsteps. You’re only limited by your imagination!



Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a great range of vintage wall art for the garage. Come and have a look! Our products give you a warm nostalgic flavour for the 20th century. Our range covers the whole of the century, so there’s something on our site for everyone interested in the most influential century that the world has known to date.



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