Personalised Gifts For Men

Personalised Gifts For Men

What do you give the man who has everything? This is a dilemma felt by friends and relatives across the world. For birthdays and Christmas people scour the internet looking for unique present ideas for the man in their life. However, whilst we all want the receiver to be thrilled with a gift we may give, the most important thing to remember is, ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ The key to gift giving is summed up beautifully in a quote from Tinku Razoria. ‘Some gifts are big. Others are small. But the ones that come from the heart are the best gifts of all.’ Personalised gifts for men are a great solution to this eternal problem.

Whether it is a declaration of love, to mark a special occasion, or just to show gratitude to someone, the giving of gifts is engrained in our DNA. There is an excellent website called ‘Curious history’. Here they explain the origins and history of gift giving. Gifts have been given since the origin of the species. Gifts were given not just to show affection, but to bestow status and favours with leaders and royalty. Nowadays, gifts are given as a way of expressing our feelings and making connections. Personalised gifts are an even better way to do this, to show your loved ones that you have put real thought into their present. They are unique to the individual receiving them and therefore perfect for the man that has everything! There are thousands of personalised gift options available, here are a few suggestions to help you find that perfect present.

Sports Fans?


Are you buying a gift for an avid sports fan? Do they love rugby, football, horseracing, cricket, cycling or golf? At Sweet and Nostalgic we have an extensive range of personalised newspaper books packed with historic headlines. These copies of newspaper articles relate to specific sports and events. From the historic wins of Red Rum in horse racing, to England lifting the World Cup in football. Our leather-bound books are an excellent reference source and celebration of each individual sport.

Fancy A Tipple?

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than to raise your glass with a favourite tipple? There is a wide selection of personalised alcohol gifts on the market. If the man in your life is celebrating a special birth date, then you could mark it with one of our unusual Alcohol and Original Newspaper gifts. Selecting the drink of your choice, to sit alongside an original Times Newspaper from the specified date is a sure-fire way to make a unique impression on your loved one. Indeed, on selected spirits the label itself can be personalised!

Sweet Tooth?


Are you buying a gift for someone with a sweet tooth? We all enjoy a sweet treat occasionally. What could be better than receiving a personalised hamper, box or jar packed full of your childhood favourites? There will be no confusion in the house whose sweets they are with a name on it! Retro sweets are an evocative gift to give, the look, smell and taste of these delights are sure to make anyone reminisce over their carefree childhood days.

Something Quirky?

Often while searching for personalised gifts for men, we want something unique or quirky. Have you ever thought about a personalised book? From the Beano Annual (from your selected year) to Star Wars, Thunderbirds to Ladybird’s classics, we can personalise them for your loved one! Have you ever imagined the man in your life to be the hero of his own novel? That is not a problem, we can personalise one, like Frankenstein or Robin Hood, how cool would that be? It might be you are looking for a memento to mark a special celebration that is deeply personal to the man in your life. Favours for a special party for example. At Sweet and Nostalgic we can create bespoke mugs or signs (minimum order of 25 required) featuring your own artwork, saying or photograph.

So, next time you are wondering what to buy the man in your life, consider personalised gifts for men – you’ll be amazed at the choices available to you!

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