Father’s Day Gifts Online

Father’s Day Gifts Online

The origins of Father’s Day vary from country to country. Here, in the United Kingdom, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June each calendar year. Father’s Day is an opportunity for us to honour our dad and celebrate fatherhood. We often do this by giving our Dads a card and gift, but what do you get the dad who has everything? Searching for Father’s Day gifts online can be daunting. We get flooded with pages of ideas and products. Here, we have tried to make the hunt for that elusive, unique gift for dad, simple. We have categorised past times, hobbies, and passions that our Dads enjoy. Read on, you might just find the perfect gift for your dad.

The Superhero


I am sure most of us look up to our Dad’s as superheroes! Honour him with his own superhero comic book. ‘Mega Dad’ is a unique comic strip book based on your Father and it’s out of this world! Likewise, if he is a comic book fan, you could buy him a personalised Beano book from a year significant to himself.

If he prefers a cup of tea over comics, you could spoil him with a Superman mug, filled with retro sweets from your chosen decade. Or, maybe he’s more of a He-Man, super strong and always there for you!

The Sports Fan

Many Dads are huge sports fans. Sometimes we share this passion, for example, playing football together or waking early to watch formula one on the sofa with them. Celebrating their love of sport can be a great way to spoil them on Father’s Day.

If they have a ‘man cave’ or games room, why not buy them a nostalgic, retro metal sign for the wall? From cricket to cycling or fly fishing to football, there is a sports sign to accommodate their passion. Signs come in a variety of sizes too. You could buy a selection of small signs, to create a montage, or you could buy one jumbo piece, for a real statement.


For an extra special, unique gift for Father’s Day, buy a personalised newspaper book about his favourite sport. Newspaper books are leatherette bound volumes of newspaper articles based on a subject. Usually, these books are broadsheet size, A3, so make an amazing impact. Sports covered include Rugby, Horseracing, Golf and Tennis, to name but a few. Add your Dad’s name to the book and a personal message expressing just what he means to you – perfect!

The Motor Head

How often do you lose your dad, only to find him tinkering away in his garage on his favourite moped, motorbike, or car? If this sounds familiar, maybe you could surprise him with a gift that acknowledges his devotion.

Harley Davidson Bike Wall Sign


Retro signs are not just sporting related. There is a plethora of metal retro signs available that feature car, motorbike, and moped brands. Key players, like Vespa, Harley Davidson, Ford, Aston Martin, and VW for example, are favourites. The signs can really add an authentic grease workshop feel to any garage! Likewise, there are some great storage tins online with the same theme. These are perfect for popping his nuts and bolts in! If his garage seems a little disorganised and boring, therefore, you could help brighten it up with these thoughtful presents.

Alternatively, your dad may enjoy a trip down memory lane with a good book. Nostalgic books about cars from the 1960’s or 1970’s may be the ideal solution. For VW fans, why not treat them to a history lesson, with, ‘The VW Camper Story’?

The Gardener


How many of us have a dad that likes to hide away in his garden shed, to ‘potter’? Maybe he is lucky enough to have an allotment? If this sounds familiar, then buying metal wall art, that can be put up to decorate his ‘den’, is a must! The signs depict everything from allotments to tools. Similarly, there are also signs that illustrate the gorgeous wildlife that you can see in your garden, from birds to butterflies! These signs have a retro, nostalgic feel, perfect for helping your Dad relax in his potting shed!

For something totally unique, why not buy a personalised book for your dad? A spoof Enid Blyton story, ‘Five Lose Dad in the Garden Centre’. Your Dad’s name will feature in the book and you can add a personal message too, perhaps recalling the time you lost him in the garden centre!

Sweet Like Candy


If your Dad has a sweet tooth, you could spoil him with some delicious retro goodies. Taking a trip down memory lane helps people relax and relieves stress, so what better time to gift these than Father’s Day? If he is the Best Dad, indulge his sweet tooth with a magnificent sweet hamper, jar of delights or a box of liquorice delectations. These gifts can be personalised and you can even purchase one that fits right through the letterbox! What are you waiting for?

A Father’s Day Tipple


If your Dad has a favourite tipple, you might want to treat him to a bottle for Father’s Day. When you buy Father’s Day gifts online, however, you can add personal touches to that present. Personalising a 12-year-old bottle of single malt whiskey, for example, will really show your Dad just how special he is to you. Likewise, you can add an original newspaper from a date that is significant to your dad. Imagine his Father’s Day then, relaxing, with a glass of his favourite beverage, whilst taking a trip down memory lane!

So, you see, buying Father’s Day gifts online, does not have to be a headache. Here at Sweet and Nostalgic, we have got it covered. The great news is we can ship direct to your Dad too and can often add a personal message to your gift. Enjoy browsing the shop and to all Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

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