Metal Wall Signs Size Guide

What’s the Best Size For Wall Art?

What’s the best size for wall arT?

Metal Wall Signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but what’s the best size for wall art? It depends on your home or business. Here we have our Metal Wall Signs size guide. We have information about our signs, the sizes they come in and how to make the best impact with your metal wall sign display.

Metal Wall Signs

There is such a vast array of metal wall signs on the market, so what makes ours special? Most of our signs are manufactured in Britain, using Welsh steel. Their quality is unsurpassed! They feature high quality images and text and make great additions to homes, offices, and businesses. All our signs come with pre-drilled holes in the corners to make installation simple. Most of our metal wall signs come in four sizes, from small to super jumbo! We also have 3D metal wall signs, these are generally in small or large sizes and look fantastic!

Selecting your Art

Choose artwork with appropriate content. If you are selecting artwork for the bathroom, for example, why not display some vintage Pears advertising signs, or the rules of the bathroom! Remember that halls and lounges are regularly visited by guests to your home, therefore, display wall art with a general appeal in these locations. Focussing on hobbies and interests can be a great guideline. Artwork featuring sport, transport and beautiful locations often prove to be popular choices.

Dining rooms are a great space to display your love of food or drink. With signs ranging from vintage advertising to retro diner themes, wine to whisky, there is a great and varied selection out there. Likewise, for kitchens! Brighten your kitchen with metal wall signs featuring culinary delights, for example! Remember there are personalised signs available too, perfect if your want to celebrate a baking queen or create your own home bar area!

Personalised Classic Cocktail SignIf you are lucky enough to have a whole space dedicated to a home bar, we have a wonderful range of metal wall signs to select from. For maximum impact, chose your theme. It might be a traditional British pub, a Tiki bar, or a traditional cocktail bar. On the other hand, you might want to create an authentic Irish home bar, complete with a Guinness dispenser! Alternatively, many of us prefer to have a private chill out space, like a study or man cave. Personalise this space with art that really speaks to your sense of humour, passions and personality.

Metal wall signs can be perfect for brightening outbuildings too. From garages, garden sheds and summer houses, blank walls are just crying out for some art! Garden themed art featuring plants, tools and animals are perfect! However, out metal wall art is not UV coated, so always hang out of direct sunlight. If you are passionate about motorbikes, cars or scooters, shout about it! Metal wall signs can create a real vintage vibe in your garage. Imagine your walls filled with metal wall signs featuring your favourite mode of transport, it will make it a deeply personal space!

Selecting your Sizes

Once you have decided which room you want to focus on, you then need to decide, what’s the best size for wall art? Measure up your wall space. For a symmetrical layout, find the centre of the wall. Once established, use this point as your guide to plan the size of your sign or signs. It is a great idea to plan it out on paper first, scaling your measurements accordingly. If you are hanging more than one piece, the general rule is to leave a gap of 2 to 4 inches between signs. If you are using a partial wall space, measure out the size of wall you wish to use first. Then, find your centre point on this, and plan it out on paper as afore mentioned.

An important point to remember is to only hang metal wall signs with metal wall signs. Do not mix and match with framed art, or other mediums, this will not look great. Likewise, when grouping art work, follow a theme in subject matter or colour. Many metal signs come in a variety of sizes. You may want a single piece; you may want to create a pairing or a gallery effect. It is equally effective hanging same size pieces together, as it is mixing up sizes. Deciding on the overall look you want to achieve will help you establish what the best size is to purchase. So, what sizes are available and what should you chose?


Home Is Where You Park It Metal Wall SignThe smallest size we have available is 150mm x 200mm (think A5 size as a visual guide). These smaller signs are perfect for gifts and make great quick statements. As these small signs are a neat size. They fit in to small spaces, think caravans, campervans, the porch, or the WC! Of course, the smaller signs naturally lend themselves to creating a fantastic montage. If you are going to try a gallery effect on your wall, theme it with the style, content, or colour for the best impact. Arranging and grouping wall art can be a skill. There is an excellent guide on the following website, Love To Know.


The next size available is a perfect poster size. At 300mm x 400mm the large metal signs make an immediate impact on any wall. Ideal decorator’s pieces for the home or work, the themes often lend themselves as inspiration where to hang them. Close to A3 in size, the large metal wall signs can look great solo, or when hung together either in a neat trio, or as a clustered arrangement. Mix and match the large and small signs for a wonderful wall display, but remember, keep theming and colour united for maximum impact.


Jumbo signs come in at 500mm x 700mm. The size of these signs creates an amazing ‘advertising sign’ impact on a wall! They are sure to make an immediate impression on your friends, relatives, and customers. As a visual guide they are larger than A2, smaller than A1. If you have a large wall space that you want to fill with a statement piece, then a jumbo sign might be just what you are looking for! On a large wall space, you can also use a jumbo sign hung with two large signs or 3 smaller signs on the side. Ensure they look balanced on the available space.

Super Jumbo

Pickled Newt SignSuper Jumbo signs are in a league of their own! At 700mm x 1000mm these signs need an exceptionally large space to display them in. However, if you have the wall space, go for it, they make an amazing impact! If you want to make a statement, particularly for a business premises or a home bar, the super jumbo signs are perfect! Consider hanging one behind your bed, as an alternative to a headboard! Again, you can use a Super Jumbo as part of a montage. Keeping the gallery of art connected by content and colour will ensure you create a masterpiece in your own home! Visually these signs are larger than A1 and smaller A0. A considered purchase that will not disappoint!

So, what’s the best size for wall art in your home? We hope our guide has helped you to plan your purchase.  Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have a range of over 400 metal wall signs in stock.  If you need any more help, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our online store is packed with gifts celebrating the whole of the 20th Century, from Victorian Britain, to the noughties!







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