Quirky Gifts For Women

Quirky Gifts For Women

What do you give the lady in your life, that is different? Buying unique gifts for your Mum, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister or Friend for instance, can be difficult. Searching for quirky gifts for women is a fantastic idea, because no-one wants to seem predictable when gifting a present. If you give a great gift, it is not only a positive experience for them, but for you to! Why you may ask? Doctor Ellen J Langer, a Harvard psychology professor has a theory. ‘It is believed giving to others reinforces our feelings for them and makes us feel effective and caring.’

The social value of gift giving has been recognized throughout human history. In a fascinating article written by Tara Parker-Pope for the New York Times, gift giving has even had evolutionary connections. Some researchers have highlighted that men who were the most generous, may have had the most reproductive success with women. Likewise, women who were skilled at giving (be it food or a well-fitted pelt), helped sustain the man in her life, as well as their children. Men are more price conscious and practical when giving gifts. Women are more concerned with the emotional effect giving and receiving gifts can have.

There is so much to consider! Is it any wonder that searching for the ultimate, quirky gifts for women, feels like hunting for the Holy Grail? If you buy personalised presents for your loved one, however, you may just succeed! What could be more exclusive, than a gift personal to the one accepting it? Consequently, at Sweet and Nostalgic, we have an exciting range of personalised gifts for her. For example, is she a romantic, a music lover, a lady with a sweet tooth or maybe someone who enjoys the odd tipple? Then read on!

Is she a Romantic?


Many women grow up listening to a Fairytale or two. Cinderella, Snow-White or Rapunzel, girls often dream of being the princess in the tale. As they mature, they often read classics, like Pride and Prejudice or Emma, imagining themselves meeting their very own Mr. Darcy. How excited and delighted would she be, therefore, to receive a book that places her in that very story? Our range of excellent titles will help you fulfil her dream and she will know how much you care about her!

Is she a Music Fan?

Fans of The Beatles or David Bowie would love a personalised newspaper book packed with headlines and articles about their idols. Leather-bound and filled with images, these newspaper books are a must for all devotees. Alternatively, surprise her with a personalised music fact book or quiz book from a relevant decade, ideal if they are celebrating a special birthday.

Does she have a sweet tooth?

Is your lady sweet like candy? Perhaps you are buying for someone who loves to reminisce about their childhood and spending their pennies in the local sweet shop? Giving someone a personalised retro sweet hamper or a wooden box filled with delicious goodies is a sure-fire way to impress them. Eating retro sweets can, for many, stimulate lost memories of hazy summer days, playing tag with your friends and going on joyous family holidays. You never know, she could be so pleased with her gift she might even share!

Does she enjoy a tipple?


Receiving a unique bottle of prosecco or champagne with your name on the label must be thrilling! It is a perfect way to celebrate a special birthday. Teamed up with a newspaper from a special birth date or a box of luxury chocolates, these gifts are guaranteed to make a great impression. Alternatively, she might prefer a fine gin or a delicious wine. These exclusive gifts will certainly win ‘brownie points’ for you!

We hope we have taken the pressure out of buying some quirky gifts for women. Whatever you decide on, we are sure the extra thought you put into it will shine through. We leave you with a final word from Sir Winston Churchill, ‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life from what we give.’

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