1953 - Pathe News - A Year to Remember

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SALE PRICE..1953 - A Year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the 20th Century.
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1953  - Pathe News - A Year to Remember

This was the year in which the Cold War began in earnest. Russia caught
up with America in the nuclear bomb stakes; the Korean War ended in
stalemate; Joseph Stalin was mourned in Russia, while back in the States,
Americans thought they could see a Red under every bed; and the French
met resistance in Vietnam, during a chain of events that would lead to the
Vietnam War.
In Britain, the Royal Family suffered another blow with the loss of Queen
Mary, but the whole country came out in celebration for the coronation of
Queen Elizabeth II, that gracious young lady so suddenly burdened with the
1953 was certainly a year to remember.

1953 - A Year To Remember
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