1960 - Pathe News - A Year to Remember

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SALE PRICE..1960 - A Year to Remember, the classic series that recalls the definitive events of the 20th Century.
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1960 - Pathe News - A Year to Remember

This was the year during which, in Algeria, France seemed to be on the brink
of civil war; in the Congo, Belgium beat a hasty retreat, leaving bloodshed
in its wake; in South Africa, the black majority began to fight the cruelties
of apartheid; in Berlin, thousands of refugees sought freedom from state
communism; and in the skies, Gary Powers was shot down in his U2 spy
On the lighter side, Princess Margaret wed in Westminster Abbey, Tommy
Steele married a Windmill Girl, and Elvis Presley left the United States Army
to much press attention.
1960 was certainly a year to remember..

1960 A Year To Remember
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