1970's Retro Sweet Gifts

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Retro Sweets from the 1970's. Unique 40th birthday gifts all hand assembled by Sweet and Nostalgic​​​​​​​

The 1970's was full of new experiences, Our hand assembled 1970's Retro Sweet packs and Mug gift sets will take you back in time to this wonderful time.

Unique 1970's Gifts. 1970's Retro Sweets in themed Mugs, and our very own 1970's Retro Sweet Pack, featuring tasty treats such as Sherbet Pips, Flying Saucers, Multicoloured Sherbet, Traffic Light Lollipops, Candy Sticks and Golden Gum Nuggets. We hand assemble all of these unique 1970's gifts ourselves, each one crafted to make a gift you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. Carefully filled with selected sweets that take you back to the days of Hong Kong Phooey, Dr Who, Star Trek, Rainbow, SKA Music and Northern Soul. We find that these gifts are perfect presents for family members and friends who experienced the endless blackouts and going outside to play until it got dark , a fond reminder of this influential decade of the last century. Images from popular culture of the day feature on these Ceramic Mugs, including Famous Brands and Social Icons of the Day. We think that this range of great 1970's gifts are perfect for events and parties. A special 40th birthday gift for family and friends. Our 1970's gift range is perfect for school projects, for reminiscence projects and the general enthusiast. If you are looking to buy bulk qty's for an event, company or school, we can also help with the price. Just Contact us and let us know what you need.