1980's Awesome Trivia Card Game

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100 trivia questions all about the claasic decade of the 1980's, this retro quiz will take you back to leg warmers, diddly boppers, fluorescent ankle socks and the New Romantics !
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1980's AWESOME Trivia Card Game

Remember Dallas, Transformers, The A-Team and She-Ra ?, well they are all covered in this neat retro styled quiz game. Pull on your leg warmers, back comb your hair and get ready to test your knowledge of the outrageous decade we all secretly love, with our set of 80′s Trivia Cards!

Test your friends on topics such as the music, fashion,films and TV of the most talked about decade! Whether you need to break the ice at the dinner table, or just want to see who out of all your friends is the ultimate 1980's buff, then tune into one of our retro Trivia Box Sets and relive some the best years the 20th century.

Great priced gift idea for a 30th birthday gift or someone celebrating a 20 or 30 something birthday.

Box size : 11cm x  7cm x 4cm

Weight : 280gms


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Product Code 80sTriv