40th Birthday Gift Ideas


40th Birthday gift ideas for those born in the 1980s

The 1980s, the decade when we really started to open our doors to technology. Nintendo, Atari, the Commodore 64, computers and gaming were becoming commonplace in more households around the country. The first mobile phones arrived though they looked very different to today's devices! Even the music scene was influenced by technology with new wave and synthesised sounds performed by the likes of Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Prince and Madonna. Whilst film franchises like Star Wars, Rambo and Lethal Weapon flourished, the 1980s also saw a plethora of teen flicks, like Pretty in Pink and Ferris Buelle'rs Day Off and Back to the Future. Prime time TV introduced soap operas into our households, from the Glamour of Dynasty and Dallas, to the gritty reality of Eastenders. Shoulder pads, leg warmers and denim jackets flooded the fashion market whilst new sweets included Jawbreakers and sticky chews. Here at Sweet and Nostalgic we have compiled a list of suggested 40th birthday gifts, some unique, some that can be personalised and all that will evoke memories of the 1980s.

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