60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas. Gifts from the 1950's. Unique Gift Ideas for friends and Family.​​​​​​​

60th Birthday Gifts for friends and family. Take them back in time with our great gifts.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​60th Birthday Gifts and Unique Nostalgic 60th Birthday Gift Ideas. Anyone that was born in the 1950's was to see a wave of new experiences. Affordable consumer goods brought the like of televisions and refrigerators into the home. The ending of rationing saw exciting new confectionery and breakfast cereals being sold in the brand new self service stores. Sports were broadcast live on TV, with the likes Stanley Matthews and Len Hutton, and the first ever broadcast of Grandstand. More leisure time saw families take off on summer holiday adventures, and the new wave of rock and roll music and the teddy boys was the new domain of the Teenager. We have handpicked some great 60th birthday gifts for friends and family, we have also included some 1960's gifts is this section as people born in the late 1950's would possibly remember the next influential decade the 1960's.

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