80th Birthday Gift Ideas

80th Birthday Gift Ideas for those born in the 1940s

80th Birthday gift ideas for friends and family. Those currently celebrating their 80th birthday were born during a tumultuous time. With the first half of the decade dominated by World War II, and rations continuing until the early 1950s, it was a bleak period to grow up. However, if you are buying 80th Birthday gifts for someone special the chances are they remember the development of commercial television or visiting the picture house to watch classic films like Casablanca, Disney's Pinocchio, Dumbo, Bambi and Fantasia or Hollywood blockbusters like The Big Sleep and Citizen Kane. The music from this period was dominated by Swing and artists like Frank Sinatra and Doris Day became household names. Due to rationing, sweets were a rare treat, with no such restrictions nowadays, you'll find a wide selection of personalised retro sweet gifts here that will feel naughty but oh so very nice!  We hope some of our 80th birthday gifts help your loved ones to reminisce over this unique period in history, evoking happy memories of difficult times. 

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