How to protect your Metal Wall Sign for use outside.

How to protect your Metal Wall Sign for use outside.

Metal Wall Signs , the most popular product lines at Sweet and Nostalgic. We want you to get the most out of them. The metal wall sign range is popular because the vibrant colours add an extra special feel to the home. Many of the signs lend themselves to garden decoration too, however, is it safe to put them outside? The signs do not have a UV protection in the manufacturing process, consequently we highly recommend you place them in a shaded spot. We do understand that this isn't always possible however. So, to extend the life of your sign, here's how to protect your Metal Wall Sign for use outside. We've tested the best UV spray products available to keep your sign in tip top condition for years to come. 

We treated (vertically) half the signs displayed with UV Spray and the other half remained non-treated. We hope that you find it interesting and can use the information to help you with the placement of your signs. 

The Plan 

We used 2 great Garden Wall Art Signs for this test, our Allotment Sign and our Catalogue of Seeds sign. Both are sized 30cm x 40cm.                  We purchased the following two products for this experiment. 1. Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear (Matt Finish) 2. PlastiKote Clear Sealer (Satin Finish). We purchased both on Amazon circa £7 per Can. Other finishes are available depending on preferred final effect. If you use a UV Spray, please make sure you fully read the instructions on the reverse of the can. Only use the spray in a well ventilated area (preferably outside). Use gloves and a face mask for additional protection. 

The Execution 

We separated each sign vertically using tape and cardboard. Secondly, the left hand side was treated with the UV Spray, whilst the right hand side remained untreated. We hope, that over time, we will be able to show the effect of protecting your wall sign outside, compared to not protecting it. 

Each sign received 3 light coats of UV Spray over a 3 hour period (any visible markings on the vertical plane is the effect of the joint on the spray.   Once dried overnight we erected the signs on a south facing fence. The sun, during the summer months, passes this area from 11.00am in the morning until Mid Afternoon approximately 5.00pm. This position will expose the signs to UV light for most of the day, so this is the most extreme test of our Metal Wall Signs outside. The signs were erected on 30.05.19. We will provide updates over time to explain how the UV coating performs.   

One Year On - Update 

Unfortunately, the UV coating protection had very little effect protecting the signs in this full sun position. Sweet and Nostalgic would therefore continue to recommend you place the signs in a shaded/ semi-shaded site to prolong their life. They will brighten up a darker corner of your garden! Continue to use the UV spray to add some additional protection, however, if you do need to place the signs in direct, full sunlight, it may be worth investing in a sign manufactured with the UV coating. Please contact us if you need any further information about the care of your metal wall signs. 

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