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Some ancient tribal cultures use gift giving to establish bonds between members of the community. Anthropological research by Bronislav Malinowski investigated the Kula gift giving tradition in the Trobriand islands in the pacific. They travelled great distances to exchange very personal and prized shell bracelets and shell necklace gifts to their neighbouring islands. This built up strong bonds of friendship and reciprocal gift giving. Gift giving was a prized way of establishing relationships between communities and family members.

Gift giving builds relationships and it is as lovely to give as it is to receive. So, where to buy personalised gifts online, and just what to give? Well doesn’t everyone love some sweet nostalgia. There’s just nothing like the smell and taste of old favourite sweets and chocolates to bring back childhood memories. Chomping through a refresher chew is guaranteed to spin you right back to the school tuckshop. Retro sweets are such fun for everyone. They evoke the sights and smells of family and friends from long ago. Whether you’re a cherry lips fan, or a parma violet or sherbet spaceship fanatic, each of us has a favourite memory of our 10p mix up favourites. Retro wooden sweet boxes can be personalised with names for birthdays and then the box reused

A true gift is one which is given with no expectation of a reciprocal gift being returned. In a society obsessed with possessions and weary of acquiring “stuff”, there’s no better gift to show you care than a personalised gift. You can choose from a personalised newspaper from their birthdate, or a bottle of finest 12 year old single malt Jameson’s Irish whisky with an original newspaper from a date of your choice, what an amazingly unique gift to receive own and enjoy. There’s nothing that says traditional than a bottle of whisky.

If your husband, father, son or brother is a rugby fanatic, why not choose a personalised rugby history newspaper book. There are a range of sporting newspapers to choose from regardless of your interest. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a really interesting gift for her, why not choose a suffragette newspaper book. Personalised classic books are always a great option including Disney and Alice in Wonderland personalised books which are something they can treasure for a lifetime and pass on as a family heirloom. Personalised ladybird books are always a great favourite because these are the books from our childhood and bring us back to the bedtime stories read by our parents. How amazing to get a lunar landings newspaper book in beautiful leatherette binding with a personalised nameplate. You just can’t get a more personalised gift than that. In the words of the inimitable Winston Churchill, we make a living by what we get, we make a life from what we give. If you are looking to buy personalised gifts online, then check out our great selection at Sweet and Nostalgic.

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