Dominoes - Vintage Set

Vintage Children's game of Dominoes packed in a lovely wooden box. . Suitable for up to 2-4 Players.
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Childrens Dominoes

Suitable for up to 2 -4  players.

Many games may be played with a set of dominoes. This is one variation.

Before play begins all dominoes should be turned face down and mixed up. Each player draws 5 dominoes and stands them on edge in front of him/her so that his opponents cannot see the face of the domino. The remaining dominoes become the draw pile.

Each domino is divided into 2 parts or ends each containing a set of spots. A double domino contains matching ends e.g. 6/6, 5/5 etc. The player who draws the highest double domino places it in the centre to begin the game. If no double was drawn all the dominoes are returned to the draw pile, reshuffled and redrawn.

The second player then tries to match one of their dominoes to one end or side of the double. For Example : If the first  domino played is a double 4 the second player may add any one of his dominoes which contain 4 spots on one end. The next player may play to the double 4 or they may try to match the end of the second domino played.

Only one domino may be played at each turn.

Dominoes must be played lengthwise, except for doubles which should be laid at right angles/ crossways, thereby giving 2 new directions in which to place the dominoes.

Some ends are blank and must be matched to another blank end. If a player cannot match the spots at any end of the row, they must draw an extra domino from the pile until they are able to to do so. Should they draw the last domino and still not be able to play they pass and then tries again on his next turn.

A player must play a domino is he able to do so.

Play continues until one player has laid all of his dominoes or until no one can play. If no further plays are possible and all the dominoes have been drawn, the player with no dominoes remaining, or the least number of spots on any remaining dominoes wins the round. He subtracts the total points from each of his opponents and scores the balance of the points.

Rounds continue until one player scores 100 points, and is declared the winner.

Box Dimensions
17cm L x 6cm D x 4cm H.
Weight : 200 grams
Not suitable for Children Under 5 Years Old.

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