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Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Members at Sweet and Nostalgic.

It's not always easy to find that perfect gift for friends and loved ones is it ? What can i get Uncle John or Granny for her Birthday or Christmas, well that's where Sweet and Nostalgic come in to help make the choice a little easier. We do things just a little bit different. We only sell gift ideas that take you back in time to the last century. Whether it is 1940's Wartime Britain or the heady days of the 1980's with the miner's strikes and fluorescent socks. We have nostalgic gifts that transport you to another time, and many have educational value for school's, students and care homes.

We have steadily grown our online nostalgia shop ever since it's humble beginning's back in 2008. I'll always remember our first ever event during the winter in a local town centre, we had no idea if our concept would work, lots of experimentation with displaying and advertising and even setting up our website from scratch. The positive thing is,  we're still here now, so we must have done a few things right over the years.

We've done the hard yards right from the start, travelling up and down the country selling at events from school halls to vintage fairs, and even at some house parties. However, these days our retro gift shop is now exclusively based online, which has allowed us to grow our ranges and offer additional services such as corporate gifts, personalised gifts, enhanced delivery methods, accurate stock control systems and loads more retro gifts in our ranges (it also allows us to stay nice and warm inside. It's certainly not fun standing on cardboard boxes to keep your feet warm in minus 5 degrees at Christmas.)

Lots of hard work and a constant passion for nostalgia over the years has allowed us to grow our Retro Gifts to over 1000 lines at the time of writing this, and it continues to tick up every month as we come across cool gift ideas that compliment our ranges. Products ranges come and go, but there are some nostalgic gifts that have been with us right from the start. They are like little comfort blankets to us, and prove to be popular selling lines such as our hand assembled retro sweet mug sets and replica ration books to name just a couple.

What have the years ahead got in store ? well, we can never really tell. The business has grown to middle age (just like myself :( ) our existing supplier base always surprise us with their new launches each year and we stumble across new gift ideas all of the time. For sure we would like to offer more gifts from the 1990's, so we'll be on the hunt scouring the trade fairs and internet for our next best seller.

If you have a product range that you think would compliment or range then please feel free to contact us, or if you are looking for something as a gift idea for a friend or family member you know where we are.

Happy Memories everyone and enjoy browsing through our site.

Yours in Nostalgia


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