Jack Straws - Pick up Game

Jack Straws - the Pick up Game. Providing Suspense, Excitement and Hours or Fun. Take it is turns to see how many items (Straws) you can pick up without moving the pile. Collect points along the way until all straws are gone. Suitable for any number of players
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Jack Straws - Pick up Game

Suitable for any number of players.

A game for any number of players of all ages. First take the straws in one hand, drop them on the table in  an irregular heap. Each player takes turns, after deciding order of play. Using the hook try to remove straws from the pile. If any straw is moved except the one being taken you must then finish your turn and the next player takes up the straws in his hands and drops them on the table. 
The game is to pick up as many straws as possible without disturbing any except the one to be picked up. Keep all straws that are withdrawn successfully and try for the next one until you loose your turn. Continue until all straws are removed. The player with the highest score wins.

10 Points
Gun | Saw | Ladder | Crutch | Wrench | Double Handled Saw

5 Points
Sword | Cane | Hoe | Hammer | Pick | Axe | Spade | T-Square

2 Points 
Hockey Stick | Rake | Arrow | Fork 

1 Point
All other pieces.

Box Dimensions
14cm H x 7 cm Diameter
Weight : 85 grams
Contains small pieces, Choking Hazard - Not suitable for Children Under 3 Years Old.

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