Kellogg's Frosties Mug with/without a selection of 70's or 1980's retro Sweets.

Tony the Tiger says .. They're Greeaat..Morning all, this great Retro Kelloggs Frosties Mug is perfect for holding that breakfast cuppa at the start of the day.This mug has the option to be packed full of either 70's or 80's retro sweets. Normal Price from £8.00 (Mug Only)
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Kellogg's Frosties Mug with/without a selection of 70's or 1980's retro Sweets.

Founded in 1906 by William Keith Kellogg, this multinational brand can be seen on breakfast tables all across the world. This iconic picture of the Frosties Pack will take you back into the 20th century.

You can own your own piece of nostalgic history. This mug is packed full of either 70's or 80's retro sweets 

70's Gift Pack contains :
Candy Sticks
Liquorice Comfits
Traffic Light Lollipops
Flying Saucers

Multi Coloured Sherbet
Sherbet Pips.

Pink and White Chocolate Mice

80's Sweets Gift Pack Option Contains selection from :

Kola Cubes
Pinapple Cubes
Fizz whizz or Sparxx Popping Candy (Spacedust)

Fruit Salads
Black Jacks
Double Dip
Wham Bar
Drumstick Bar
Jaw Breakers


Relive those wonderful memories from your childhood. The 1980's were jammed packed with colourful and tasty sweets, some of which have been carefully crafted into this unique gift pack. A great retro gift idea for a 30th to 40th birthday. Friends and family will love you for getting them this retro gift, but don't expect them to share any of the retro sweets with you. You have been warned ! You might just have to buy one for yourself aswell just in case..


Weight :
400 grams Mug Only
630 grams approx with retro sweets.

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