Mint Sweets

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  • After Dinner Mints

    After Dinner Mints

    Made by Gibbs, each mint is an explosion of flavour, melt in your mouth. Perfect for dinner parties, 100gm..
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  • Bulls Eyes

    Bulls Eyes

    One of our most traditional sweets, these minty black and white boiled sweets are always a favourite,100gm..
  • Lossin Dant

    Lossin Dant

    Made by Brays.. a Welsh Favorite. Minty humbug traditional sweet.
  • Mint Imperials

    Mint Imperials

    Minty sensations with these classic boiled sweets, 100gm..
  • VIP ONLY - Sugar Free Mints in a Metal Tin

    VIP ONLY - Sugar Free Mints in a Metal Tin

    £1.00 £2.00
    Quirky and novel embossed metal tin, contains Sugar Free Mints. For VIP's Only. Tin measures 6cm x 4cm x 1.6cm. Net weight of sugar free mints in side (15gm). See product detail for ingredients

Mint Sweets - Retro Weighout Sweets

​​​​​​​Mint Retro Sweets taking you back in time to the last century. Every order we receive is hand assemble into 100gm cello display bags ready to present as a gift. Great Retro Sweet Birthday Gifts, Retro Sweet Stocking fillers, gifts for friends and family or even to spoil yourself ! Choose from our wide range of traditional sweets or upgrade to one of our Sweet Hampers  or Memorabilia Hampers for that extra special unique gift. If you are looking for large quantities please contact us and we might be able to offer a discount.