World War Two Newspapers, World War One Newspapers, and other Key events form the 20th Century

Replica Newspapers from Wartime Britain, and Special Interest Newspapers from the 20th Century.

These lovely single newspapers (up to 12 pages broadsheet) are carefully reproduced from originals of the time. Publications such as The Daily Sketch, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express and The Evening Standard have been  authentically reproduced from some of the most memorable dates during the 20th Century. From the Outbreak of World War One, The Sinking of the Titanic through to seven key events in World War Two. Britain Declares War, Dunkirk, Battle of Britain, Blitz, Dambusters, D-Day Landing and finally VE Day. We also have one more memorable newspaper featuring the Moon Landing in 1969.
These newspapers can be bought separately, or we even have a Multi buy offer for our seven World War Two Titles. They are great informative publications for wartime school projects, or even a prop in the local Am Dram show ! Please be aware these are abridged versions of the newspapers (hence the great price). If you are looking to take one of every World War Two Papers and a host of other booklets then check out our WW2 Bumper Pack.

​​​​​​​AND.. If you are looking for an Original Newspaper from a specific date we can help there too ! There are so many regional publications available for each date, please give us a call or contact us with your request and we can provide a quote for you..
Affordable single replica papers from key events from the 20th Century. Battle of Britain, The Bltiz, Moon Landing, Titanic. We also have larger Gift Books
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