Oxo Storage Tin

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Classic Oxo branding on this lovely practical kitchen metal storage tin. You can put your oxo cubes in here as show them off in your kitchen with pride.
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OXO Storage Kitchen Tin

In 1899, the company introduced the trademark Oxo for a cheaper version; the origin of the name is unknown, but presumably comes from the word ox; or it may have been a mark made on crates of the extract at the docks. In 1908 Oxo sponsored the London Olympic Games (despite claims by Coca Cola to being the 'first' commercial sponsor of the Games) and supplied athletes with Oxo drinks to fortify them. The first Oxo cubes were produced in 1910 and further increased Oxo's popularity as the cubes were cheaper than the liquid. During the first half of the 20th century, Oxo was promoted through issues of recipes, gifts and sponsorships before fading into the background as a part of the fabric of British life in the latter parts of the century.

This lovely Nostalgic cube storage tin would look just the picture in a vintage styled kitchen.

Size : 9cm long by 9cm wide by 7cm high.
Wieght : 90gm


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Product Code OxoTin