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Retro Sweet Gifts from Sweet and Nostalgic. Retro sweet packs, Sweet hampers and Mug Gift Sets.

Retro Sweet Gifts, Retro Sweet Hampers, 20th Century Sweet Packs and Traditional Weigh Out Sweets

​​​​​Retro Sweets are great gift to take you back in time to celebrate a special birthday. A reminiscence reminder of when we were growing up. The sense of taste can has an uncanny way of transporting you back to to the carefree days of playing out in the street with your friends, a memorable family trip or a birthday treat that lasts in your memory. Everyone has their favourite, and we hope we have them included in our great selection.
We have made great effort to speak with people of all ages to research the sweets that were popular over the past 70 years. Sweets have always had  a strong connection with us, and would you believe it, we can trace the origin of sweets back to 3000BC with the the Egyptians. No wonder they have been so popular over the years ! Why not check out our special page on the History of Sweets to find out more.
Some of us have sweeter tooth's than others, but we all remember our favourites whilst growing up. Some are gone forever, such as Spangles and Texan Bars, but somehow we can remember how they taste.
​​​​We have a wide range of Decade Retro Sweet packs from the 1940's through to the 1990's packed exclusively and hand assembled by ourselves. Our unique Mug and Sweet Gifts not only provide the Retro Sweets, but also the memory of images from days gone past. We also have Personalised Retro Sweet Jars and Boxes, and Design yourself / Personalised Hampers to give an extra special gift. These can also be personalised with a gift message. Retro Sweet Gifts that you cannot find anywhere else on the web, as we have created these retro gifts ourselves.  We supply all our items to individuals, schools, universities and residential care homes. If you are looking to buy wholesale retro gifts or corporate gifts  then please contact us to see if we can offer you a discount.
Unique Retro Sweet Gifts. Mugs handpicked with 1940's 0 1980's Retro Sweets. Exclusive to Sweet and Nostalgic. Every Mug is hand assembled to provide the Perfect Nostalgic Gift for friends and family.
Retro Sweets from Sweet and Nostalgic. Bring back memories from your childhood years with these classic gift pack from 1940's all the way through to the 1990's
Looking for Personalised Retro sweet jars & boxes? We have a great selection that includes childhood favourites from the 1940's,1950's, 1960's,1970's and 1980's
Take a look at our wonderful selection of sweet hampers! Our selection includes retro sweet hampers, liquorice hampers, fizzy sweet hampers, you can even design your very own retro sweet hamper.
All of your old favourite Retro Sweets in one place. Aniseed Balls, Sherbet Lemons, Kola Cubes and much more. All packed out in 100gm clear cello gift bags.

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