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Decade Retro Sweet Packs exclusively from Sweet and Nostalgic - 1940's - 1980's​​​​​​​

Retro Sweet Packs from the 1940 to 1980's. Unique Retro Sweet Gifts

​​​​​​​All of our unique Retro Sweets Gift Packs are individually hand assembled by us at Sweet and Nostalgic. We have researched with many people over the years to find out what they remembered whilst growing up in the 20th Century, the feedback was wide a varied especially if you grew up in different parts of the country. So we have picked the most commonly remembered sweets and have designed a all in one sweet pack for each of the key decades from 1940's to 1980's. Retro Sweets just like you used to get from the Sweet Shop !
These packs are perfect for birthday gifts and handing out as retro corporate gifts for a special anniversary. We have produced thousands of these packs over the years and they remain one of our most popular ranges. From the 1940's were rationing was rife, sweets were still available but, you wouldn't get many of them ! All the way through to the 1980's where there was an explosion of colours and tastes. Moon Dust, Golden Nuggets Bubble Gum and Wham bars to name just a few. As we say, each pack is carefully crafted and presented in a display bag, they also come with a list of ingredients on the back and a best before date (usually 6 months or greater),  and are a perfect gift for a friend or family member. We can also supply bulk retro sweet packs for special occasions, they more you buy the cheaper the price, and we can work with you to personalise your retro sweet pack (like putting in your own business card message) . Please feel free to contact us  if you wish to discuss you needs in more detail.

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