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  • Victorian Scrapbook

    Victorian Scrapbook

    A wonderful exploration of all things victorian. A social history of household Products and entertainment throughout the latter decades of 19th Century Britain. These extra large scrapbooks have over 1500 images and text. Great for School projects and as an educational resource.
  • Edwardian Scrapbook

    Edwardian Scrapbook

    A wonderful exploration of the life of the Edwardian's, A social history from the turn of the 20th Century. These extra large scrapbooks have over 1500 images and text. Great for School projects and as an educational resource
  • 1910's Scrapbook

    1910's Scrapbook

    The 1910s Scrapbook brings a new focus to this pivotal moment of the twentieth century, a time more often seen through the media of black and white film footage or sepia photographs. Over 1,000 colourful images tell the tale of ordinary people
  • 1920's Scrapbook

    1920's Scrapbook

    With over 1,000 colourful images, Robert Opie brings to life the 1920s and captures the mood of this radical decade in Great Britain. The Twenties were a time for change and invention.
  • 1930's Scrapbook

    1930's Scrapbook

    Filled to the brim with images, this scrapbook of the 1930s overflows with nostalgia, for those who remember that extraordinary era.
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  • Wartime Scrapbook (WWII)

    Wartime Scrapbook (WWII)

    This new edition of The Wartime Scrapbook profusely illustrates a unique period in history - the song sheets, magazine covers, comic postcards, fashion and food, games, propaganda posters and a wealth of wartime ephemera whose very survival is remarkable.
  • 1950's Scrapbook

    1950's Scrapbook

    Gathered together in this colourful creation of over 1,000 Edit Products and images, The 1950s Scrapbook conjures up the life and times of the decade. From the Festival of Britain and the Coronation of Elizabeth II to the abundance of toys and television programmes
  • 1960's Scrapbook

    1960's Scrapbook

    The Sixties will be remembered for mini skirts and mini cars, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, boutiques and discotheques, and England winning the World Cup. But The 1960s Scrapbook also covers much more with its 1400 colourful items. A Great gift idea for a 50th or 60th Birthday.
  • 1970's Scrapbook

    1970's Scrapbook

    Full of pop, punk and personalities, The 1970s Scrapbook sways through this energetic era on platform shoes to the beat of glam rock and disco mania. The perfect 40th Birthday Gift.
  • Royalty Scrapbook

    Royalty Scrapbook

    A wonderful exploration of all things regal. A history of our very own British Royal Family

Educational Scrapbooks from times gone past. Extra large books with over 1500 images per title. From Victorian to 1970's.​​​​​​​

Decade Scrapbooks. Large A3 book. Crammed full of long forgotten images from the past 100 years.

​​​​​​​Life has changed enormously over the years, and sometimes you can forget all the things that were all around you whilst growing up. These lovely extra large scrapbooks provide an insight to life and times now long forgotten. From the Victorian Era to the 1970's, each scrapbook is a perfect resource for school projects and enthusiasts. All imagery are examples of real products from the era. Each book charts the changes in fashions and lifestyles as we move through the 20th Century. From the mass production of the Victorian Era, the turn of the century, and into the Great War. The carefree heady days of the 1920's and decadence of the 1930's. Charting how everything changed during World War Two, then the rise of consumerism during the 1950's. The Swinging Sixties and finally Glam Rock, Disco and the power cuts of the 1970's. Many people have collected all of the books in the series and they are a perfect resource to reminisce to find out more about everyday life during the 20th Century. As these books are so large they are produced in hardback, so they will hopefully last you a lifetime !