Traditional Sweets

Traditional Weigh out Sweets. Hand assembled into clear gift bags. 100gm per portion

Traditional Weighout Sweets. Presented in 100gm display bags.

Every one has their favourite, what was yours ? From our research we have found that it's quite geographical, and the same sweet is often called by a different name depending on where you live. Some sweets don't make it down south  (like Coltsfoot Rock)and vice versa, mind you we've have found out that Northerners have a a closer connection to sweets than those down South (maybe something to do with all of those sweet factories that popped up during the Victorian Industrial Revolution ! ).
Whilst growing up you might have had lots of favourite's, and maybe now, they are only a rare treat. If you take a look through our traditional sweet section you might just stumble across one of those long lost memories. Even if it is not there, we might still be able to get if for you, just ask us. (you might have to buy the whole 3kg bag though, but we'll give you a good price).
Traditional sweets have had a bit of a renaissance over the past years, and actually this was how Sweet and Nostalgic came to be, but if you explore our website you'll see we've got lots more to offer nowadays, and we have crafted some great gifts that include traditional sweets with Mugs, Hampers and Retro Sweet Packs.
Well then, tell us, what was your favourite?, was it something like Pontefract cakes ? chewy liquorice that stuck to your teeth. Or did you prefer Space Dust ? with the explosion of pops in your mouth. I guess we're all big kids at heart and to reminisce on happy time's gone past is good for your soul.
Each and everyone of our weigh out sweets are hand packed to order. We also pack them in clear display bags which make them great retro sweet stocking fillers, or to be used as part of a hamper you are creating yourself ?. They are all labeled with ingredients and best before dates (usually 6 months or more).
If you are looking for bulk weigh out sweets for a retro corporate gift, a PR giveaway or for Special Events such as a Retro Wedding (minimum qtys apply), we can also work on designing your own branding. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
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