Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins

Vintage Storage Tins for the Kitchen and Garage. Wonderful retro designs to store your food, treats and odds n sods

Vintage Kitchen Storage Tins and Vintage Garage Storage Metal Tins. Great for storing food and bits n' bobs.

Add colour to your home with these great vintage storage tins. If you have a retro look to your kitchen then these fabulous tins are the perfect addition to set off your theme. All of the tins are food safe and provide a wonderful backdrop to your already beautiful kitchen space. Choose from our favourites such as the Jacob's cracker tin, or Rich Tea Biscuits. Or even mix and match the designs to create that retro and vintage look. In this section we also have a selection of man tins ! Your fuel filled fella can enjoy storing his bits n bob in or garage storage tins, such as Harley Davidson and VW. Alongside these are some great general storage tins. They can fit anywhere in the house and add a bit of colour and fun to your usual plastic storage options. Take a look around and find your favourite. As these tins can be fragile we make sure that these are well packed before posting to ensure that arrive with you in perfect condition.

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