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World War Two Gifts, Britain Declares war through to VE Day, World War Two medals, Wartime Coins and Memorabilia Packs from Sweet and Nostalgic

World War Two Memorabilia Gifts. A large selection of resources for projects and enthusiasts.

World War Two Gifts and 1940's Memorabilia Gifts. Probably the most poignant decade of the 20th Century. It continues to hold our thoughts whether you lived through World War Two or just have a general interest as an enthusiast. In the sections above you will find a wide range of unique World War Two gift ideas that capture the feel of this decade. Reproduction Memorabilia including World War Two Ration Books, Wartime Memorabilia Packs, Original World War Two Coins, Nostalgic Sweet Gifts, Wartime Signs and posters, build yourself Wartime Hampers and much more.. Great World War Two Gift Ideas for friends and family. 70th birthday gift ideas for revoking memories of Wartime Britain. Our World War Two gift range is perfect for wartime school projects, for reminiscence projects in Care Homes and the general enthusiast. If you are looking to buy bulk qty's for an event, company or school, we can also help with the price. Just Contact us and let us know what you need.

1940's Retro Gifts for 70th Birthday Presents and 80th Birthday Gifts. Vintage Household Gifts, Retro Sweet Gifts, Nostalgia Gifts and much more. Take yourself back to your Childhood Years. Stock ready for immediate dispatch.
Take a look at our fantastic range of WWII gifts & memorabilia that includes miniature WWII medals and collectible WWII coins.
1940's Retro Sweet Gifts, hand assembled Mugs with 40's Sweets. Aniseed Balls, Mint Imperials, Sarsaparilla.The Perfect nostalgic gift to evoke nostalgic memories from the 1940's

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